Baby, Baby

Isn’t it funny how sweethearts diminish each other by calling their loved one “Babe”? One the other hand, small children are give names that make them seem bigger like “little man.” Teenagers are told to act grown up. No wonder we’re all so confused, Babe.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

2 thoughts on “Baby, Baby”

  1. You my baby, he asked, squeezing me to him

    I melt into him, mmmmh…

    3am, we wake, as though from a shared dream, late night TV still flickering. I love you baby. Emotions tightly entwined like our legs, our minds, our lips. Mmmmh…

    A month later

    I can’t do this…

  2. The vegetable vendor would be there at the crack of the dawn . I mean , it seemed like the crack of dawn to me .

    I normally finish my reading at 2 am . Then this crackpot starts yelling downstairs , “Baby , baby !!” The desi brother of Justin Bieber . I bury myself deep into my quilt .A sliver of sunshine has invaded my room, which means it is 6 am , and Mom has come , parted the curtains and gone . While I was in “another dimension “.

    In our colony , this vegetable vendor is alarm clock cum whatever for all the residents . He brings aloo , pyaaz , milk , bread , eggs and gossip to lonely housewives imprisoned in their respective towers , or so I am told . I can hear Maa shuffling towards the window in her flip-flops , as she peers down from her doubly barred windows .

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