Childhood Reading

My town’s little library had a children’s section where I devoured books like The Bobbsey Twins and biographies of famous people like Buffalo Bill and Annie Oakley. Somehow I moved from there to the adult section where I started reading completely inappropriate books I seldom understood. I skipped all the great children’s stories like “The Secret Garden” and “Little Women” until I was an adult reading to children.

A self-made education is a spotty thing.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

4 thoughts on “Childhood Reading”

  1. Too exciting, a book club.
    Dad says I can buy two. My choices aren’t sanctioned. Dad proposes ‘A House In Cornwall’. I protest, huff… but give in.
    ‘A (boring) House In Cornwall’ arrives. Reluctantly, I start to read. It’s gripping, I’m lost in it. Too exciting. Dad’s choice, right again!

  2. The dusty shelves of the school library and the musty odor filled small room . A wall to wall carpet , probably never vacuumed . The best books ever . A magical place for refuge from the rigors of day to day blues . A refuge in the magical world of kids going alone to daunting islands , solving mysteries . Strange garden gnomes and talking toys . Enid Blyton paved our childhood with the most perfect stories ever . The hardy boys and Nancy Drew followed .

    Comics were freely available at home .Tintin and his trusted dog snowy , the bungling , lovable Captain Haddock. Lieutenant Drake . Mandrake the magician and Luthor . Phantom , the ghost who walked , and never died . The list is endless and so are the memories .

  3. As a child, I read for hours on end. Unlike now where I have to schedule my reading or even worse, listen to an audiobook during my commute to work. I suppose it’s better than nothing.

    I had a reading cave. A reading cave! It was covered in stickers and glow in the dark decals. I’d make my mom help me cover it up with a blanket to make it dark and with a flashlight in hand, I’d get lost in the stories of Dr. Seuss or Little Golden Books series.

    In reality, the cave was a built in, open-face TV cabinet, that was instead being used as my little literary corner—away from the world of arguing adults, angsty teenagers, and no pets allowed. I created my own world of red fish and blue fish and green eggs and ham…

  4. When the Home Acres neighborhood in Grand Rapids, Michigan opened a library, I was thrilled. It was between my house and our church. Mom took me in to get a library card and we used it frequently. Sometimes I went there on my own, on the way home from school. One day, I found a book called How Babies Are Made. What an intriguing subject, I thought. The librarian cautioned that she would let me check it out only if I showed it to my mother immediately. Sure, I said. That day something new was born: my first eye opening experience to the world of books and what waits for you there.

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