Let’s all Fight

As a kid, I used to play fighting games. Outside in the sunshine. Now kids play them in front of the TV. The top trending movies are about fighting – people shoot each other like crazy. In cities around the country people are marching in protests about the way we treat each other. The “leaders” of the country won’t do anything that helps anyone. The churches preach intolerance.

Do we plan to fight until there’s no one left standing?

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

One thought on “Let’s all Fight”

  1. The Fight
    The siege in our land is as ugly as the Civil War days. We’ve made some progress, writing laws calling for equality; 190 years later, equality and kindness are larger. But prejudice still exists. The Law is the standard, but the ability to embrace its rule of kindness lies within the human heart. Scripture says our heart is either flesh or stone. Flesh brings love and kindness for others. Stone doesn’t–it believes it’s better than others, and can breed hatred. Prejudice is outlawed by law but still lives in human hearts, as in 1865: those who believe all men are created equal and those who don’t.

    Where we fail Lady Justice, we must work for change together. Peacefully. I agree with Harris Faulkner: we need to fight for America, not fight each other.

    Seeing that police officer keep his knee on George Lloyd’s neck made me sick. Why did no one push him off? Bystanders could have rushed him, together. The officer’s heart was filled with hate. As was the man who hit the police chief over the head with a baseball bat. And the person whose stray bullet hit a baby in the chest and killed him. Such crime deserves arrest, a trial and possible imprisonment and no release without bail.

    And let us not persecute and punish all officers who do their job superbly, taking risks, putting their lives on the line. And let us also not assume all protesters are alike. Let us not judge the majority for the sins of a few.

    May God forgive us for our hearts of stone. May He change them to hearts of flesh, convict us of sin, bind our enemies and save us.

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