I miss

I miss picking out the restaurant we want to go to. I miss choosing a movie from a long list at the multiplex. I miss flying to the coast to see family. I miss hugs. I miss playing music with people. I miss chatting up the folks in my exercise class. There’s a lot to miss during a quarantine. But it isn’t as hard as missing the people who’ve been caught in this pandemic. Missing the people who are missing. The trauma and grief from so many missing people will last long after this is over.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

4 thoughts on “I miss”

  1. Everyday my retired husband and I went for lunch in different restaurants. Everyday was very nice. But after a while, I began to complain about going to lunch everyday. Then the coronavirus hit and all of these restaurants closed down. I miss everyday…

  2. I miss New Jersey. It’s where I spent most of my young and adult life. Now I’m further south, much to my discontent. The only thing I find solace in is admiring the beauty of nature and the many different species of birds I’ve seen in my new location. I miss my friends and all the people I knew in my community. I miss the comfort and familiarity of my home, but most of all, not having been able to visit some of the places I wanted to see when I lived there.

  3. I never thought I would say this , but yes , I miss all those pre coronavirus times . Even the simple chores of going to bank , buying vegetables from the roadside vendors , the sights, the smells , the feel of wind in the hair . Sometimes the chores were too much , too many . I was tanned a deep dark brown from all that scooty riding . I resented it . Now , I miss it . I miss it all . Simple joys , simple pleasures of picking up ice cream tubs by yourself . Now I have to place an order online , or phone the grocer. Not the same thing .

    One can never take anything for granted ,or else it will be taken from you , in the blinking of an eye . Now , I just stand and stare at the road , which is forbidden . We live in a high rise apartment complex and have to buy our veggies from a truck that rolls in everyday. In small squares of land , with sanitised hands . No one smiles anymore , even if they do , one never knows behind the masks.

    All the freedoms , the fresh air , the ability to haggle , gossip and discuss the weather and politics with vendors , shopkeepers , is all gone . I miss it .

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