And on guitar

The puppy loved the piano, so she put him in front of it. He began pounding paws. The cat was a dud at music, but sometimes she would chase the light around on the iPad to create beats within the drum program. And on guitar was the ferret. The ferret needed work. His little fingers were perfect for strumming strings but he lost interest fast. It took her over 2 hours but she finally got the Tik Tok video she wanted from her little bedroom band. Now she would be famous!

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

2 thoughts on “And on guitar”

  1. “It is a music class.”
    “Correction , it is a room full of few donated ( and probably defunct ) pieces of musical instruments. ”
    ” No. It is a music class.” She emphatically put her glass down . Whatever she was drinking , could wait.
    The aggressive clank of the glass attracted some interested glances . Most , however , quickly looked away .
    “Okay Baba. It is a music class. But what am I supposed to do there ? ” I hastily whispered. I hated scenes . And I quickly capitulated . A lifetime secret of survival , when living with a gaggle of headstrong females.
    “You play and teach kids to play .” She wiped her mouth , decisively.
    “Play what ? ” I was near hysterical now . The last time I played any musical instrument , it was 45 years ago , in our school band . Flute . From what I recall , there were no flutes in that godforsaken room .
    “Guitar “. She said with simple finality . Draining off her glass . “I saw the way you were looking at that guitar .” Now She winked mischievously. Almost sounding as if I was eyeing a girl.
    “Listen ! There is no stopping a person from staring at what he likes , that doesn’t mean …” She passed me by , a cloud of boozy odour followed her , “Tomorrow , 9am , sharp.” She smiled sweetly as she shut the door .
    God , I hate that woman . And I would hate to disobey her , in the same breath . What kind of a mouse am I ? My inner masculinity wailed .

    “And on guitar is our own Mr. Sanders.” I was never so nervous in all my life . The damned belt cut into my shoulders . I fingered the strings once for effect , and the entire class applauded . “Sheesh.” I Thought .
    She was still clapping . The witch .And smiling sweetly to boot . I had rung her up at midnight , thereby breaking another protocol , and woke her up in the midst of her booze fuelled dreams. I had told her , after a couple of hours of binge watching youtube videos , that I can teach them basics , Do-Re -Mi . The notes . Thats all . No fancy songs or tunes . That should take care of a couple of lessons .
    She had drawled in reply “I love you Darrrling . I knew you would come up with something , Brilliant . ” And then she had blown a kiss . That kiss travelled all of 35 kms and got stuck to some unmentionable part of my god damned anatomy .

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