As a kid

As a kid I was a big tomboy. An only child, I became my father’s son and companion for hunting, fishing, and golf. My mom taught me to cook and made me responsible for washing the dishes every day before she got home from work. I rode my bike all over my small Colorado town without fear. I read millions of books and played all four sides of a Monopoly board by myself. I wanted to be a writer when I grew up.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

3 thoughts on “As a kid”

  1. As a kid, I remember my mother telling me my father wanted a baby girl., and his wish came true. I remember my outings with him, such as going to the movies and to the park. The most salient memory I still have is when I was about three or four-years-old. He used to take me to this particular bakery where they sold these dinner plate-sized crackers that covered my face and I could only see where I was going when I chewed the edges. Luckily, he always held my free hand when we exited the bakery and continued on our way.

  2. As a kid , I was quiet and thoughtful . Studious and diligent . Came top of my class all the time . Everybody told me I was destined for great things , whatever that meant . And I believed them . Lots of hide and seeks by destiny later , I find myself , right where I started from . At page one . Like a treadmill , running lots , reaching nowhere . Enough whining .
    Our grandparents ensured two things . A great childhood for their grandchildren ( read pampered ) , and a great youth for my parents ( read sheltered , mollycoddled ) . As a result , when my grandmother passed away due to sudden inexplicable illness , we all grew up suddenly . My parents and us siblings . Almost overnight . My sister took charge of the household , and my grandfather slipped into blissfully forgetful dementia.

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