My Favorite Holiday

Historically speaking, I’d have to pick Christmas as my favorite holiday. The decorating, the meals on good china, the kids’ excitement over presents and surprises in stockings.

On the other hand, watching a child ooh and aah over fireworks or running about with a sparkler in hand on a summer night is a pretty good time. But have you ever noticed that the 4th of July doesn’t have a candy? No candy corn, no chocolate bunnies, no tiny hearts printed with funny stuff, no peppermint sticks. Really, every holiday needs a candy.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

2 thoughts on “My Favorite Holiday”

  1. When we were younger , we went to this meadow . It was a forest once . Long time ago . Now , It is a grassy ridge . Beautiful lush green grass in every direction , except the south . A thin line of trees guarded the meadow , jealously , like its own personal secret . You had to cross the clump of trees to reach the ridge . The trees huddled together , blotting out the sun , and looking angrily at us intruders . The wind whispered ” Go back , you fools .”
    Then , abruptly , the crunch of the leaves underfoot , gave way to soft velvety dawn of the luxuriant grass . The shade gave way to brilliant sun , and the birds chirped happily , winging it in the blue sky . It was like an impossible dream .
    We sat on the ridge top, and had sandwiches , coffee from the flask . Mostly , we just sat and stared at the breathtaking beauty around . There was not much to speak out there . You just drank it all in . Hungrily . A road ran some distance away , making occasional noise when some vehicle passed by .
    The silence and the green and the sun were so healing and therapeutic .
    It stayed inside us , long after the holiday was over . In the bustle of the day , going around a crowded city , doing endless , meaningless chores , somewhere , in our hearts , a patch of emerald earth , and a fragment of azure sky with happy birds remained . Like a tiny , secret refuge from the chaos of life .

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