The Three Sisters

Three Sisters companion planting technique

I have a tiny garden area on my patio. Is it enough room to plant the three sisters – corn, beans, and squash – in the spring? Will there be enough corn for it to pollinate? Will there be enough room for the squash to spread? And most important of all, will I feel more connected to the earth and the gift of food if my garden grows well?

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Image credit: Anna Juchnowicz, CC BY-SA 4.0 via Wikimedia Commons


Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

3 thoughts on “The Three Sisters”

  1. A deep freeze this winter has frozen the river between us and Canada making it possible to walk over to Three Sister’s Island half way across. Remembering days of my youth, kayaking to the abandoned island bringing to life Long John Silver and Jim Hawkins and dream of buried treasure.

  2. Three sisters . We are three sisters . My eldest sister is older to me by seven years and my second sister is older to me by two years. Only the oldest was ever called didi, a respectful suffix . Meaning elder sister . The years between us just added to the spice .

    We had nick names for everyone. Including ourselves . We laughed at the silliest jokes , we still do ; and we had each others backs . In thick times and in thin , we were there for each other , and that is what made us click . Teen deviyan , or the three Goddesses , was the name of a popular movie . A bollywood hit during our growing up years was called Trimurti .

    We were rebellious in our own way . We got enrolled in courses , in colleges , away from home . The farther , the better . One of us crossed seas and wound up in University of Dublin , to do her doctorate . Other did her JRF( Junior Research Fellowship) from the Indian Institute Of Technology , a prestigious Institute in whole of India. Me , the youngest , became a captain in the Army , commissioned by non other than the President of India himself . Later , we would all fall prey to that disease of our generation . Wherein we sacrificed our careers to look after kids and families . But we had our moment under the sun . We all did . And we are proud of that .

    What adventures we had . From running off to the cattle enclosure , unchaperoned , barefoot , to falling in love and marrying a person of our own choice . We all have been there, done that . We would write lilting poems in two languages and read novels in a third language . We were expat bengalis . Having been brought up in Jharkhand , but being bengalis as per our roots , we had the best of both the worlds as we straddled two cultures , learnt english on the way , and worked our way through several dialects . We laughed at the unctuousness of Sanskrit , the pretentiousness of English , the hilarity of bhojpuri , and the buffoonery of Hindi. We also laughed at the inability-to -laugh-at -oneself kind of self importance of bengali . Puffed up bhadraloks .

    We painted stunning paintings and cooked delicious food . We scaled peaks and travelled widely . We were all voracious readers . We were the incomparable three .

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