The Loud Speaker

Why are tiny people such loud speakers? They embarrass you in restaurants with their loud voices. They yell into the phone so you must move it away from your ear. They demand to be seen because they are shorter than all the normal speakers out there. “Hear me now!” they say in loud voices. “Hear me!”

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

One thought on “The Loud Speaker”

  1. They placed the loudspeaker , strategically .
    Right above the tea shop . On top of the building . Facing the bazaar .
    Early mornings , when the dust was being swept from the front porch of every shop . The religious hymns began .
    Like the swirl of dust , it rose from the ground , beaten off the ground by jogger’s shoes , rickshaw tyres and the tea wala’s chappals .
    It slowly became an ominous , heavy , invisible cloud , invading conversations , jarring chain of thoughts , derailing the trains of ideas , and bleating , booming , banging into the collective psyche of the people .
    Slowly , like a heavy cloud it settled on people’s brows , where it clouded judgement ;, it could be tasted on chapped lips , where it dictated the words and it got into everyone’s eyes, and coloured everyone’s views .

    Soon, when people , from other parts of the city came here , they were aghast to hear such dusty words . Forgotten hymns , long discarded ideas . If they began living here , they began speaking the same language . Older , archaic , ancient , long forgotten .

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