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One thought on “Copyrights”

  1. When I Was A Child I Thought As A Child

    My name is Robert Kaizou from Liberia,West Africa. Presently,I lived in Charlotte,NC. When I was a little child in elementary school,I can still recalled my mother used to always chastised me of wasting my life on unnecessary things. Most of the times she’ll asked me “Bob,have you studied your lesson today? I’ll respond: Yes Mon! But she”ll still persist in her questioning; “What are you doing now? Then I’ll respond this time by saying: Mama I’m going to play football with my friends.Finally she’ll say no Bob,if you’ve nothing to do after studying your lesson and doing your assignments,take to you a book,read it to develop your vocabulary and be ahead of your classmates.But as a child I couldn’t just capture all things my mama used to say,simply because my thinking faculty could just vision from the veil of my childish globe, Now as I’m 45 years of age, my vision have gone far beyond the veil of my childhood childish globe where I thought mama was forever as mama and not knowing mama could be grandma one day too.

    However,today I’ve come to give mama reason for her early chastising that have help fortified me grammatically with the courage to become one sooner an publish author!

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