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Dear Lesbian Bloggers, Isn’t it Time to Forgive?

[Note: This isn’t my usual writing prompt. If you want to use it as a writing prompt, take “time to forgive” and run with it.] I’m asking you, dear lesbian blogging colleagues, isn’t it time to forgive Ilene Chaiken and … Continue reading

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When the cast of your favorite show takes to Twitter

When I decide to follow someone on Twitter, it’s because they’re talking about things I’m interested in. I follow web designers, writers, people associated with blogher.com, and some people I actually know. Then there are the celebrities I follow. Since … Continue reading

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Best Wishes

I’ve been thinking about how the human mind works. For example, my post yesterday about Laurel Holloman’s artistic success. One part of my brain was thinking, wow, that’s wonderful – hope the show is a big success. Some other part … Continue reading

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Art Exhibit

Laurel Holloman, one of the stars of The L Word, has been painting since the end of the show, and is preparing for a show in Paris. She’s been tweeting about it all week. Here are a couple of examples: … Continue reading

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