The Winners

Were the winners in last night’s Emmy awards show your favorites? I was happy about some of the winners but disappointed about others. The most thrilling part of the event to me was when Margaret Atwood walked out onto the stage when “Handmaid’s Tale” won best series. Without a writer’s imagination, television would be nothing but news. What a horrifying prospect.

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Willing compliance

Margaret Atwood and Graeme Gibson

I attended a talk with Margaret Atwood and Graeme Gibson. Miss Atwood read from The Year of the Flood and Mr. Gibson read from The Bedside Book of Beasts. Individually, each of them is brilliant and charming and witty. Together they are unstoppably right.

We heard some of the hymns from The Year of the Flood and saw many images of beasts in the act of eating or being eaten. We learned about the books, and enjoyed a Q&A period that was both serious and hilarious.

On the way home we talked most about Gibson’s reading about willing compliance—an animal understanding of when it is time to be the one whose role is now prey, and a willingness to offer yourself up to that greater good. We talked about how the human political animal doesn’t have that willing compliance to act for the greater good. Much later, when I woke in the pre-dawn of the new day, I thought about what Pogo used to say: “We have met the enemy and he is us.”

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