The best in, like, ever

Larry Crowne Poster

I just saw the movie Larry Crowne. It’s your basic romantic comedy with the very appealing Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts doing the romancing. But, boy, I want Tom Hanks to pick the cast for every movie I ever see in the future. This movie had the best cast in, like, ever.

Pam Grier, for one, who is a goddess. She will never be anything but a goddess, no matter what kind of part she takes.  Gugu Mbatha-Raw did a fantastic job. Bryan Cranston, a big favorite in Albuquerque because of Breaking Bad, was terrific. One of Meryl Streep’s kids, Grace Gummer, had a small but interesting part. Mamie, Grace – how many actors did she produce? Wilmer Valderrama was one-dimensional here, but has tons of potential. Cedric the Entertainer and Taraji P. Henson were fabulous as the next door neighbors. There were other casting coups in small parts sprinkled all over this movie.

Tom Hanks crooks his finger and everyone says, “Yes.” I repeat, he should recruit the cast for every movie.

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