Summer memories

Remember summer when you were a kid? When a day seemed soooo long. Being inside looking at a screen hadn’t been invented yet. That meant being outside watching ants on the sidewalk and taking bike rides to the ice cream shop. That meant afternoons at the swimming pool. It meant helping hang laundry on an actual clothesline. It meant freedom. Things are less work than they used to be, but are they better?


Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

4 thoughts on “Summer memories”

  1. Not in the least. Everything we did then gave us more imagination and less time for trouble. It taught us discipline and respect. We knew responsibility and earned our fun, therefore we had more appreciation for the simpler things in life..

  2. “Get up . Get up. ”
    I knew my mom was already at it , because of the creaking of the doors , and clatter of the utensils and chatter among my grandma and my mom .
    Tiffin was being made .
    I could smell parathas roasting on the griddle .
    Sleepily , you open your eyes . First day of the morning school . In the peak of summer , we had something , euphemistically called , summer school .
    The school would start at the crack of the dawn . At 0630 hrs . First buses would trundle out at an unearthly hour of 0515 hrs , second trip at 0545 hrs and 0615 hrs you were supposed to wind up , bathed , fed and dressed , in the assembly hall . Your hopes and dreams crinkly crisp and smelling of soap and sunshine .
    The school ended at 1300hrs or so . Hurriedly , all the kids were hustled into buses and sent home . In the scorching afternoon sun , “loo” , an infamous summer wind blew across the playgrounds and rattled closed windows . It was known to cause dehydration , heatstroke and worse .
    This continued for whole of the month of May .
    This was done to ensure that we stayed indoors in the latter half of the day .Read home .
    Morning school also heralded the coming of summer vacations . Long afternoons naps , sweet mangoes and bel sherbet , a drink made from the wood apple . It also meant loads of homework and mornings grappling with algebraic equations .
    Large quantities of raw mango would be pickled and laid on the roof to cure and ripen in its brine and oil and spice . Sweet pickle and aam papad (a dessicated preserve of mango pulp ) would attract hornets and sticky fingered sweet toothed kids .
    Needless to say , these two items had short lives .

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