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The topics suggested here as writing prompts can be used by anyone looking for writing ideas. You can create your own writing prompts. A writing prompt for writing practice can be anything, even random words from a dictionary or a road sign. A word from something you just read, a word you just heard on the radio or TV. Pick a word and start. You’ll be surprised what happens. Just write.

44 thoughts on “Create Prompts”

  1. Cleaning house. Things right now are very much like a hurricane, alot of hot air hurling at high speeds tearing up everything in it’s pass. Today, at the moment , I’m in the eye of the storm. It’s quiet and I’m cleaning the house, some things are clear, I wish that the hurricane had already passed but I don’t think it has. How can I help those around me? How do we take shelter with each other, the storm is blowing hard.

    1. I love having houseguest. The only problem is I work so hard cleaning and getting ready
      for my guest that by the time they come, i’m already tired and counting down how many
      days until their visit is over. I count up how many meals i’ll be making, where i’ll be taking
      them during their visit. Sometimes you can get so involved preparing for your guest that
      you don’t take the time to just enjoy them. The point is to slow down and enjoy your

    1. A house guest is a friend. You open your heart and open your home and let the adventure begin. Some times people will try to force you to let them in. It happened to me and bad things happened. Because they were not really my guest but my captors. That’s not a guest. Instead a house guest comes because you invited her and stays because she’s good company. She opens her heart to you and you to her and together you have an adventure. And that is the best feeling ever.

  2. Who will you end up with? Do you know him/her now, or are they just a dream?

    Where will you want to be buried?

    Fit these words in a story or poem: Fingers, Man, Jetstream, Hogwash, Vittles, Prince and Princess, Long road to no where.

    Who do you regret not making an effort to continue a relationship with? It can be a stranger, a family member, old friend or flame.

    1. I have always been wary of fairy tales. I’ve seen the downfall of many in their pursuit to be prince and princess, going off to chase a happily ever after. I believe that it is just hogwash, a long road to no where.

      When I met him, I didn’t know for sure if he is the man for me. All I know is that I love him. The kind of love that doesn’t need justifications or even going off and bracing myself for possible ramifications.

      I do not need to count off my fingers and calculate all I have given. I do not need to take in each moment like a gourmet vittles of sorts for he is not exotic, he is familiar and a home, an old comfy sweater. I do not need to shield myself because I know that if it will end, I am just glad to have loved someone like him. A man where I would travel in jet streams for.

      (what do you think?)

  3. 1. Once I stepped on a ……..

    2. Whenever I see a newborn, I think….

    3. I’ve always like giraffes because….

    4. If I (or my son, mom, dad, wife, boss) had a superpower, it would be….

    5. Oops, I did it again……

    1. Whenever I see a newborn I think how special he or she is to be in the world. I think a newborn is a gift from god. They remind me of my daughter Hannah . She was the most precious gift too me. Even though I had complications but the moment I saw her face I though wow we made this beautiful girl. Then my boyfriend at the time who now is my husband said how’s your pain . I said what pain. The moment I saw Hannah’s I forgot about the pain. She still is the most precious gift that my husband and god gave me. That’s how I feel about newborns. It reminds me of Hannah.

      The end

    2. I’ve always liked giraffes because they are so magnificent. I like how tall they are. They don’t harm u or make any noises.they have long tunges. I like to touch them. They are neat creaters. I like to watch them eat. That’s why I like giraffes.
      The end

  4. 1. Write about a time someone you trusted deceived you
    2. Write about a time you deceived someone who trusted you
    3. Without using dialogue, write a scene in which a character is in danger.
    4. Chose one source of shame then write a scen where an adult is still haunted by that shameful thing.
    5. Write a scene where a person talks about one emotion, but actuall shows another. For example they speak of hate, but show anger or fear or love.

  5. If ice melts into water so effortlessly,
    how can a snowflake have so many patterns?

    (Okay, I admit it, I wrote the above a long time ago, just thought this was a great place to share, especially under the above Zen comment) 🙂

  6. What’s your idea of the best thing to wake up to in the morning?
    When fresh coffee is on the burner, and the aroma is filling the kitchen, what’s a memory that comes to mind?
    Clean sheets make you feel…?
    A hot shower is metaphorically equivalent to…?
    What’s the one thing that can bring you ultimate comfort, even when you’re experiencing the worst?

    Carpe Diem

    1. The best thing to start your day with is love. It can be romance. It can be your child. It can be the sound of your cockatiel greeting the morning. But it’s always all about love. Dawn breaks with its glorious potential, a sliver of light among the dark clouds and despair. Yet love breaks you free and before you realize it your heart is singing. You dance. And before long your cockatiels circle over your head, land on your arm, and soft feathers brush your lips.

  7. On growing old…
    My mother sits on the kitchen chair wearing only a worn sweatshirt and a pair of depends. Her hair is frazzled about in gray linty splotches her face wrinkled with sadness and pain .She looks so frail and fragile. I make her tea and toast, we chat about the rain and wind the night before and the clear day ahead. A bath, clean clothes, and a quiet nap before lunch. Inside her a gentle spirit awaits renewal. I can see her spirit through her clear blue eyes. Inside she is a young beautiful girl about to embark on a wonderful journey home. Be well my sweet mother, you are loved.

    1. Your visuals here are very vivid. I can picture you and your mother sitting across from one another and feel your love for her as well as the weariness it takes to care for an older relative.

  8. The first time I heard a joke about the disease I have I was relieved. It was funny. Sometimes I make jokes about it but people never know for sure if you’re joking. Humor is sometimes a defense or a way of talking about something you’re uncomfortable with.

  9. Andrew Blair tripped over his shoe laces, as he bolted through the alley, trying to place as much distance as he could between himself and the danger that pursued him-yet they were gaining on him; and he knew he’d have to think of something quick, to throw them off his tail, or it would end grimly with him stuffed in an oil drum filled to the brim with sulphuric acid like Robert Phelps. A senior partner, who’d practiced law for twenty-five years at the firm, that Andrew was working at by day, as a paralegal; who discovered something sinister hidden in the very same pages of the brief that had gotten Robert killed, only days ago; and now they were out to recreate the exact same fate for him.

    -August Priest

  10. She covered him now, like a dense fog, I could hardly see him anymore. I sat down, wiping my tears, knowing our time had ended. She was coming for him and it wouldnt be long now. His days became longer as her grip grew tighter. She wanted him now more than ever. I saw her more and more when I looked upon him, a hunger in him that he had to feed. She,this demon that had hold of my husband, made me question my strength. Would I be able to save a man that didnt want to be saved?

  11. This morning I tried to open my eyes,but could not.So, I then groped my way to the kitchen to prepare myself some flavored coffee. Unfortunately, each time that I attempted to make it, it came out worse than the next. I finally decided to call it a wrap.

  12. A burning sensation like molten lava washes over you. Do I really have to accept your memories as gospel? My perspective reveals patience and joy. Yours is only about your lost toy. Hidden in the sand beneath our house. Lost and never found. Look deeper my darling. Its closer than you think.

  13. Always Right suggests perfection, and you are never wrong. Never being wrong doesn’t exist and perfection is nonexistent. Those who feel they are always right will not succeed; they see no need for improvement due to perfection. Identifying imperfections and seeking improvement eliminates always right, and it leads to excellence.

  14. “No Count” was used in the 1960’s. It expressed overall feelings, worth, and beliefs. When someone didn’t feel well they told others “I am no count”. When making general assessments, people emphasized the bad ones were “no count”. People identified someone that lacked integrity as “no count”. “No Count” is real.

  15. Life is about learning how to live, to laugh and to cry. It is about winning the best you and surviving from all the people who misunderstands your happiness. Life is about who you are. It is about learning how to forgive and move on to your life. Because it is a road that you must walk and live on. Staying happy is a choice, staying alone is also a choice and you better choose what’s the best for you.

  16. “At least you did it” This is what I think when accomplishing something later than planned. Sometimes we want to do things at certain times and can’t. Maintain focus, and the task will be completed. When a goal is achieved late, you must tell yourself “At least you did it”

  17. She anticipates the worst, ’cause the rain is ever present in her life.
    Sometimes it’s only a sprinkle, sometime it’s a storm.
    But she is strong. After each pour, she dries up and get ready for next the drop.

  18. We are in Pesach, aka Passover. This is the story of the Israelites leaving the slavery of Egypt and crossing the Red Sea into the Promised Land. What kind of bondage and slavery, what kind of narrowness and limitation, do we want to leave behind?
    The tradition of Pesach is to clean out all Hametz, all leavening, from the house. What sort of things to do we want to clean out of our houses and out of our lives?
    A Happy Pesach to everyone.

  19. I look carelessly away as I notice his eyes seeping through my skin. He knows who I am and he knows where I’ve been, but I continue to force my eye contact away to anything but him. I’ve made it this far and I’m not sure that there is much more I can do. Perhaps leave forever or maybe, just maybe, face what I’ve hid from for so long.

  20. (Fresh Fish)
    The ancient dock creaked beneath her tiny feet. Looking through the broken boards she could see the moon reflecting on the water below. The fish make soft rippling sounds, flicking their tails while snapping at bugs lighting just above them. She unwound the clear line from the cane pole that was about twice as long as she was tall. Taking the sharp hook between practiced fingers she jabbed it through the worm, twice, for good measure. Using just the right amount of wrist action, she flicked the line outward toward the middle of the pond hoping to land a juicy reward of fresh fish.

  21. Disability
    If you are physically unable to walk, but you can make people smile, are you disabled? If you can’t see, but you can play four different instruments beautifully, are you disabled? If you have awkward social skills but you can do pre-calculus at 11 years old, are you disabled? These are kids I know and have taught over the years and all have come to me with a big “Disabled” sign hung around their necks. How can they be disabled if they have greater talents than most adults I know?

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