His stuffy nose made his important message sound ridiculous. The children laughed when they heard him talk. They only thought about how silly he sounded, not the weight of his words. He tried staring them down. THAT made them giggle even more. He searched for an idea to . . .

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

5 thoughts on “Stuffy”

  1. The puppy bounced around the room, running and jumping, sniffing at everything within his limited reach. He licked the chair legs. He nibbled at Dad’s shoes. My parents chastised him gently when he sunk his teeth into the furniture. Suddenly, the puppy grabbed my sister’s cloth doll. He shook it rapidly back and forth and the stitches popped along one side. Stuffing flew out and coated the small brown dog. His eyes blinked owlishly as he peered out from the fluff stuck to his face. I giggled and said his name should be “Stuffy”.

  2. It’s hard to be stuffy when you’re dead. But damn if the ghost hovering by the espresso beans didn’t try. As was my default in public places, I pretended I didn’t see him… It’s embarrassing when you look like you’re mumbling to yourself while sipping a chocolate mocha in Starbucks. Alone. Eventually I gave up and took on the role of crazy woman because his cravat was coming undone in his agitation. “Young lady,” he sniffed. “I need your help.” The young lady part got to me. I mean, at 45, hearing the word “young” is always a small satisfying jolt. I sighed. “Ok buster, what? And … wait. Can we take this outside?”

  3. The stuffy basement made breathing impossible and my guests were due in a short while. I thought about how to eliminate this horrible problem and opening the windows came to mind. I did and the foreign smell was still there after closing the windows. The dehumidifier completely solved the problem.

  4. The gargantuan iron doors creaked open, to a volley of shouts from the agitated priests.
    “Joy Joggonnath” the mammoth crowd chanted in unison, as the Gods revealed themselves. I was carried in, almost against my will, by the surging, churning crowd.The air inside the temple was definitely stuffy, to say the least;loaded as it was , with the overpowering fragrance of burning ghee lamps, incense , and stale flowers, the cold stone floor felt sticky and slippery at the same time.

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