The Real World

Have you been to a big public event in a big public place lately? I’ve just returned from two such events. The thing I noticed most was that the U.S. is no longer lily white, if it ever was such a place. Most of the people are some variation of ethnicity and race that doesn’t translate to northern European. Isn’t it time we started acting like that was the truth of the world and not some obscure “diversity” issue for the margins?

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

6 thoughts on “The Real World”

  1. Jake looked down at the dark brown eyes staring up at him and realized the eyes weren’t taking him in. After all, babies can’t see until they are weeks old, right? As he reached to pick her up, he realized his hands were shaking, and his face began to flush.

    For 56 years, Jake hated everything and everyone not white. It was the one lesson his parents had taught him that stuck.

    He looked at his daughter still laying in the hospital bed her blonde hair glistening with sweat. “I’m sorry pumpkin.” Jake had finally entered the real world.

  2. “Tony, come with me to the kitchen. There’s something I want to show you.”

    “Okay Grandma.”

    “Look at the cutting board, what do you see?”

    “I don’t know. Spices and stuff?”

    “Y-e-s, more precisely, spices that go in the Chicken Cacciatore you love so much.”


    “Do you think it would taste the same if I left something out?”

    He shakes his head no.

    She puts a hand on his shoulder, “We are all just like these spices.”

    He looks at the floor and twists his ten fingers together in a knot.

    “Your mama told me what happened at school today.”

    His bottom lip begins to quiver.

    “Baby, look at me, we are all just like these spices; mixed up in this great pot of life. We come together,” she clasps her palms together and intertwines her fingers, “to make this life tasty for everyone. You understand baby?”

    He nods his head yes and falls into her gentle bossom, sobbing uncontrollably.

  3. Sally had battled orcs, dragons and goblins before coming across the mage who informed her that she was the sum of someone else’s imagination. He had a trick to twist the fates and the creator would come into this world and Sally would be released into the real world. She heartily agreed that this would be a good plan; escaping this constant madhouse would be a welcome relief.

  4. “Change your name ”
    “What ? What’s wrong with my name ?”
    “It is too ethnic , and dangerous .”
    “I am not changing my name just because you suffer from paranoia and psychosis and …”
    “It is a real world out there. People may not take to it kindly.You need to blend in , not stand out like a sore thumb.”
    “What else papa? What about my accent ?What about my skin colour ?What about my nationality ?My religion?Where does the fear end papa?”
    “You don’t get me wrong . I want you to be safe .”
    “I will be safe papa.I promise.”

  5. The real world is full of reality TV. Don’t people have enough with trying to live their own lives? Why would you want to be a witness to other people’s drama. With the advent of cable we certainly have more channels to watch, but honestly, sometimes the quality of what’s being transmitted is just plain garbage. Quantity has become tantamount to less quality entertainment.

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