My Favorite Festival

Oh, the festivals. Eeyore festivals, lavender festivals, wine festivals, film festivals, chili festivals. It’s time for a festival. My favorite of late has been the low key ukulele festival. A concert from some masters, a few classes for the newbies, jam sessions for the fearless. Could you have more fun than to hang around with a bunch of folks who think playing the ukulele is the best fun in life?

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

3 thoughts on “My Favorite Festival”

  1. Among all the travel activities, there are quite a few surrounding festivals. There is the great tomato fight, The street soaking, the running of the bulls and Burning Man. My favorite festival is the fertility festival in Japan. Not that I have ever been, but the very idea and pictures are among the funniest I have ever seen.

  2. We are a country of festivals .
    So one is hard pressed to decide which one is the favourite.
    The sober “Gurupurab”, or the raucous and downright “neanderthal ” Holi,
    The disciplined “Rath Yatra” or the gay abandon of “Diwali”.
    The festival of colours , or lights , or the one that touches the hearts of all bengalis
    The one where “Goddess Durga ” reigns supreme.
    Called differently as “navaratra” and “Dusshera” in different parts of the country,it is ten days of bliss, holidays , fabulous food, family get togethers, gift -swapping and religious rituals all put together.
    It is the festival.

  3. Brushing my teeth in the rain is not so bad. It’s a small price to pay for all the fun we’re going to have. This is England after all, you couldn’t expect it stay dry the whole time.

    After a visit to the healing fields, our souls repaired, we stumble upon a dragon. Tucked away in a corner of the sacred space, it lies in wait for us to discover him. Forever frozen in stone, the coldness of his flesh soothes and calms. The perfect feeling before we all become dragons tonight.

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