Eating Pie

New Mexico Apple Pie

This is New Mexico apple pie from the Pie Town Cafe in New Mexico. Pie Town is a tiny place on highway 60. Because of the town’s strange name, 3 cafes operate along the roadside where people make a living selling pie. This pie contains a layer of mild green chili and piñon nuts. It’s delicious, too. If you ever have a reason to drive across New Mexico on highway 60, plan a stop in Pie Town.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

4 thoughts on “Eating Pie”

  1. During my 1950s Iowa childhood, I knew that my mother had lost three brothers during World War II, but none of the details.
    I could have asked for details about the war, but knew that would bring tears. So I didn’t ask.

  2. A problem with eating pie, cake, cookies, even bread in today’s world is that the ingredients are basically what my mother used to call “ersatz.” The fat content no longer is supplied by butter but by some manufactured oil. That’s also true for the frostings. They’re easy on, but oh gosh, where did all that good real sugar and chocolate taste go? It’s a cake mix, cookie mix, canned pie filling with low sugar that’s really sugar substitute. Pie crusts turn out to be store-bought rather than homemade. How often do we discover other substitutes in desserts glorified as “made from scratch?” Yogurt and skim milk rather than heavy cream; powdered eggs rather than real yolks and whites; frozen or dried fruits – all of the above and more has really turned me off to eating desserts (including ice “cream?” ) in this 21st century hell-bent on its way to “virtual reality”. Erzatz indeed.

  3. Well, there’s “easy as eating pie” which I kinda like. Anything as easy as that is “a piece of cake.” Okay, enough of my corny humor. I like what krebsjoan had to say about the contemporary dessert making ingredients and agree with her. However, that photo submitted today made me drool. I’d seen something about Pie Town on television and thought that might be a place I could be very tempted to visit. When I was growing up there were not just one or two, but four good cooks and bakers in our family. I was lucky if I could manage to squeeze into the kitchen with them. I never did learn to bake but I did observe a lot of the cooking procedures used. When I married any attempts at baking bread, cookies, or cakes from scratch threw me into a state of complete hysteria. One of my aunts finally taught me about baking deep dish apple pies and one of my good friends taught me to put together a foolproof pie crust. I don’t create a “normal” pie but a huge pie with delicious flaky pie crust and I like a lot of it so my edging is pretty fantastic. I’m not ashamed to brag because this took me a lot of effort to finally achieve. Now there isn’t an October that goes by that my home doesn’t have the wonderful aroma of homemade apple pie wafting through the air enticing anyone nearby.

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