Oh, no!


“Oh, no! What have you done now?”

No answer, just big brown eyes staring at me. Waiting. Was trouble coming?

I opened the door to the back yard. “Out,” I barked. He went – running like a devil was after him.

I took up a broom and began sweeping up the remains of a full can of oatmeal that had gone from counter top to floor in what must have been a whirlwind of activity. I was only gone long enough to pick up my glasses and come back to the kitchen.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

3 thoughts on “Oh, no!”

  1. “Oh no !!”
    “Why , what happened ?” My kid’s quick rejoinder .
    “We are out of gas . ”
    “Mama . leave the phone with me . I will do the refill booking .” I was pleasantly surprised .This was so unlike her . Kids grow . and assume responsibilities . Without us being even aware .
    I chased some pigeons from the chimney top as I unlocked the door to the store . A lizard darted out . Angry at being disturbed early in the morning . It is cold , cloudy and wintry . The gas cylinder top is hard . Once wrenched out , the rubber gasket is winter hardened and wont fit into the new cylinder . A few curses and attempts later , it complies . As I lock the store , I see her standing by the door .
    “You could have called me .”
    I shrug . She sniffs the air .
    “Oh No ! We have an LPG leak .” Alarm rising in her voice .

    We have to shut down kitchen and wait for the repairman to arrive .
    My tea gets cold . Oh no.

  2. “Oh no!!”

    It appears you are leaving once again. I know I am a dog and I should be able to be alone, but you are always gone. I have feelings and I have a heart that breaks every time you leave me. These tears and sad looks are not manipulation, you leave me for far too long with no hesitation. Why do you have me if spending time with me is not your ideal? Allow me to be with a family that will treat me like I am part of the family and not just leave me with a meal.

  3. “Oh, no!” “Damn it!” She’d been seeing her new doctor for two months now and this was the sixth change to hypertension meds. One of her long-time drugs was recalled by the FDA and that was the beginning of her nightmare. In all the years she had been treated for hypertension she had never had problems with side effects. She now felt as if she was riding on a roller coaster with all sorts of side effects caused by various drugs. She’d lost faith in her new physician and was thinking that switching as many as six drugs within a two-month period could not possibly be good for her body. After the last return phone call advising yet another new drug, she thought, “Oh, no! This is it. The end. I’m not going back. I’ll have to find another doctor.”

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