Little Richard

When Richard was a boy we called him Little Richard because his dad was Richard, too. After a while we just called him Little. He’s a grown man now, over 6 feet tall and big as an outhouse, but everyone in the family still calls him Little. He gets angry and wants us to use his name. The name he wants us to use is Stella. He wants us to use different pronouns, too. It’s very hard to change after all these years.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

3 thoughts on “Little Richard”

  1. Teaching English to Italian adolescents. We talk the Italian notion of adding ‘- ino’, ‘-one’, indicating small/big or lesser/greater.

    Gabrielle nods to his hefty teacher, Ricardo.

    ‘Richard’, he says (testing his english) ‘or Dick’? ‘Ricardino means little Richard?’

    ‘Yes,’ I encourage him…

    ‘Ricardone has big Dick…?’

    Feigned innocence.


  2. Little Richard knew how to push Aimee’s buttons as a child. It seemed he was always looking for an occasion to annoy her. They had grown up living next door to each other and now they attended the same university. Little Richard wasn’t little any more. He developed into a strapping 6’1″ talented basketball player who was well on his way to the NBA. Aimee had turned out to be a raven-haired beauty with emerald green eyes and Richard did everything in his power to please her now for he was totally and madly in love with her…

  3. Five years, two months, nine days and more money than he wanted to think about right now. Jared stepped back and took another long look. The ’67 Mustang that he’d dubbed ‘Little Richard’ was finally done. He opened the driver’s side door and hopped in. The key slid in effortlessly and the engine fired right up, as he knew that it would. Jared shifted into reverse and backed down the driveway.

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