Life’s Mysteries

Sometimes you have to wonder about the strange and mysterious things in life. For example, why do I need close captions to understand the people talking on the TV when I can understand the person reading an audio book? Or why is hot tea still good on a really hot day? Or why do dogs want me to like them when I clearly do not? Why?

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

6 thoughts on “Life’s Mysteries”

  1. No one is what one appears . One of the greatest mysteries of life . Once , I met this man who professed to be a monk . Live simply , he said . No frills . No silly pictures on the wall , no choked wardrobes . Hell, he even wont buy a quilt for himself .Would swear by his sleeping bag . I was impressed . Turns out , I was wrong . This guy had the most sensitive stomach / lungs /skin , on the planet earth . His wardrobes are overflowing , his medicine boxes fill every nook and cranny of the house . He is most famous for his unguentums and liniments , psychological counselling , padded beds , and multicoloured cotton quilts .

    Thereafter , I have met many such paradoxical creatures . A kid who claims to be extrovert , and finds every excuse to duck out of parties . An old man who claims to be totally dependant on others , then shrugs all help and goes to live alone on his ancestral property . A college bully who is actually a softie at heart .

    I could go on and on . Include myself in the list too . Hated ethnic wear all my life and now look forward to every opportunity to tie a saree around my waist . Hated cooking , now cook all the time . Call it a “creative process ” and “therapeutic ” .

    Couldn’t fathom my grandparents obsession with prayers and worship rituals . Now frequent shops selling herbs , rosary beads and brass idols of Gods and Goddesses. Gift near and dear ones and fill my own shelves too .

    Life’s mysteries never end . Never cease to amaze you.

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