Is it working?

Recycle your plastic,
Get a hybrid car,
Eat less meat,
Plant butterfly bushes,
Walk if possible,
Plant a tree – or three,
Save the earth.

Is it working?

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

2 thoughts on “Is it working?”

  1. Hugs to strangers.
    Kindness in the mail,
    Hold the door open,
    Allow a vehicle to pass through.
    Feed the hungry,
    Learn to be patient,
    Extend a greeting,
    Leave a generous tip.
    Offer a ride, buy him coffee,
    Give up your seat, do the acts
    Of kindness..
    Is it working?

  2. I have a home surrounded by tall trees . We live in a jungle , practically . Far from malls , highways and food deliveries at your doorstep . However , Amazon delivers to this place . Amazon to here . One jungle to another . It is a pain most of the time . But there are upsides . Lot of them . You open your windows and doors to a thick wall of greenery .
    The best part are the birds . Rose finches determined to build a nest in your window . The sharp guttural call of the treepie , awakens you each morning . Rest of the day , they are mostly silent , but fly from one tree to another , dazzling you with their plumage of white, black ,brown and gold . Then woodpeckers , with their red mohican plume , beating a tattoo on the tree trunks , finding insect filled hollows . They fly out suddenly and swiftly , like a startled solitary roman legionnaire ., lost in the forests of Gaul .
    Yellow and black golden oriole sings at roughly ten . A beautiful melody . Arrogantly short . If you are lucky you get to see it , when it darts out . Mostly , it stays hidden inside the foliage. Mocking you , testing your patience , sitting still , magically invisible to hopelessly inadequate human eyes . Just like cuckoos . If you spot one , you are lucky .
    Then come mynahs , who , one imaginative author , had compared to marching gendarmes . With their yellow eye masks , and yellow booted feet , their sharp hoots and authoritarian marches .

    In short , you can look at birds and trees , and you could be lost in them . Yeah , it is working . At least for me .

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