Eleven stood up straight. Tall. Proud. Some of his friends were slouchy and slumpy. One legged. But not Eleven. Eleven was perfect, a matched set.

That’s why Eleven grew so jealous over the years. Why teach children to count to Ten? Surely they could see that Eleven was bigger, better. Why, Ten didn’t even have anything in the ones column. A void.

Eleven wanted to talk, to tell everyone about how important he was. But the only people who understood him were CPAs and they were SO boring.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

One thought on “Eleven”

  1. “Eleven ?” Why eleven ?”
    “Why not ? Eleven is the perfect number . One and one . Perfect . ”
    You could keep it at ten , you know . It is an even number , fully divisible , reasonable .”
    “No . No reason . I don’t want to do things your way . Don’t want to keep it” reasonable “. Reason and logic don’t have to do anything with me .”
    “Ok, ok , fine . Have it your way . Just that the tea – break ends at 1030 . You are calling people back at 11. You could coincide this with the break time .”
    “No. Not at break time . That is sacred time ”
    “For what ? Catching up with the office gossip ? Or discuss the latest episode of Big Boss reality show .”
    “Don’t roll your eyes in that patronising manner . I am a huge fan of Big Boss and all the reality shows .”
    “Give me a good reason why ?”
    “Why ? It shows humans clearly what they really are .”
    “And that is…?”
    “Dumb .”
    “So you intend to call a bunch of dumb people to tell them you are clever and they are not . So you are in charge and they should all be subservient sub humans , who will jump at your bidding .”
    “No , I am calling them to tell them that they needn’t continue their dumb act . Instead of poring over their files and doing some boring computation , they can expect some brain stimulating , exciting , and intellect enriching exercise . ”
    “How exactly do you propose to do that ?”
    “By audacious proposals . ”
    “Ah , so , you are going to fire people ? ”
    “Not all . Just few .”
    “It is called pruning . You must have heard about it from your gardener. More nutrition for the rest of the desirable parts of the plant .”
    “Who decides which is the desirable and which is not ?”
    “I do. I am the judge , I am the jury. ” Alice in wonderland , Lewis Carroll .”

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