Robot & Frank poster

Robot & Frank poster

May I recommend the delightful movie Robot & Frank for your viewing pleasure. Frank is a retired second story man who suffers from Alzheimer’s. His son gets him a health care aide who is a robot. If you are sick of the horrifying movies that are so popular today, you will love this charming and sensitive story.

Please leave a comment with your first 50 words on the topic “robot” or on some topic suggested by the image.

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4 Responses to Robot

  1. John Barbee says:

    I didn’t cry at my father’s funeral. This was when I first realized it was happening. I stood in one spot from 6am to 2pm Wednesday through Sunday and dragged rich prick’s organic groceries across the stainless steel scanner. It was a reflex. Muscle memory. Dead inside.

  2. Anndraya says:

    “Hullo! My name is Catslip. I’m your new aide.”
    “You’re beautiful, Catslip,” he said. He reaches out to touch her but blushes and pulls back.
    “Don’t be shy, Mr. Langella, you can touch me. I’m very robustly constructed. My body is composed of 50,000 plastic shopping bags discarded by your people.”

  3. Thank you for this post!

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