I Want

“I want it to be bright blue with accents of bright yellow.”

The painter set down two gallons of grey paint on the plastic covered floor. He stood up and gave her a long look. “We agreed on grey,” he finally said.

“I’ll pay for the extra paint,” she said. “I’m sure about this. It will remind me of Greece and sunshine.”

The painter didn’t have time for another delay, another trip to the paint store. This client was making him crazy. He wanted to punch her in the face. He wanted to pour grey paint down her throat. He stepped closer to her and couldn’t help the menace in his voice. “We agreed on grey,” he said again.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

One thought on “I Want”

  1. You’re old enough for your wants not to hurt you,
    my mother would say,
    and I was sure she was wrong, because
    I felt the pain very definitely when I could not have
    the thing I longed for: a blue dress
    with ribbons and rhinestone buttons.
    red patent leather shoes with 4″ heels,
    a second piece of chocolate cake.
    Those wants were real, the agony of not getting them
    like a knife in my young, yearning heart.

    60 years later I understand her wisdom.
    I want for simpler things these days,
    but just as unattainable as that blue dress:
    for the end of hate, the coming of peace,
    assured safety for my sons,
    immortality so that I might see
    all these things come to pass.

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