Red Geranium

It is necessary to have red geraniums outside the door. The reason why this is necessary is long gone, but she buys new ones each year and put them in a huge planter at the gate. Her friend puts red geraniums in a small pot and takes them inside over the winter where they grow long and rangy waiting for another summer in the outdoor sun.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

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9 thoughts on “Red Geranium”

  1. Zazzle Cranesbills had beautiful red hair flowing from the precipice of her face that both scared and entranced me to see when the sun hit her from its evening post. Nothing resonated more than the moment when my lips touched hers. Sweet youth blooms on sun rinsed days.

  2. Abigail stood with her arms akimbo looking down at her geranium plant. It was a sad sight and regardless of the care she had put into it, one lonely red geranium was what had bloomed. She attributed it to the harsh winter. It had wreaked havoc on her botanical treasures.

    She decided to take a small trip to her favorite nursery and pick Helen’s brain, the owner of the business, in order to see if she could salvage her geranium and the heavily damaged holly shrub by the side of the house. Plants were resilient living things, and she was convinced that if they were able to survive the ravages of this past winter, they would most certainly respond to the nurturing care that she was going to shower on them.

  3. A virtual riot of colours. Pink ice flowers, red salvias, white daisies, pink, white and purple phlox, and of course the red geraniums. The boy contemplated the carefully tended flower patch by the road side, the beds weeded and watered, the nasturtiums , wayward and bushy, affectionately tied up into knots. The bus revved up and threw a blast of smoke into the colourful plot of land. The flowerheads swayed and sneezed………………

  4. Birdie and a small gathering of friends sat at the table set up outside with a special blue, waterproof tablecloth. On the table there were terra cotta pots in various stages and colors of paint. Birdie was relieved to finally be finishing the many pots for the annual plant sale.


    There were 50 wide steps up to our front door. Many a treacherous Winter’s day I have nearly slipped and had a fall. Autumn was just as bad with the occasional fallen leaf to trip on. Spring was my favourite time of the year, we put a pot with a red geranium on each side of every step.
    100 beautiful pots of red geraniums that flowered all through Summer.

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